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FireHaze is a band formed by four cubans based in New Jersey, US. The vocalist and bass player, Yunior Perez (AKA Black Troops), was born in La Havana, as were Justo Valdez and Hector J. Coto (AKA Hector F Haze). Charlie Gonzalez is the only member that was born outside of the Capital, his native city is Bayamo. The band formed when Black Troops, Charlie and Hector met in Union City, NJ. They decided to start a new project. After some back and forth, FireHaze, as a name, came to the table.


Justo joined the band in mid 2013, when he arrived to New Jersey to play a show with his former band Escape and decided to stay in the northern state. Being a very experienced guitar player, within a matter of months he quickly and professionally learned the band’s set list, helping to improve its core sound rather than modifying it.


FireHaze has been a very active and creative metal band, bringing to the scene something that is not normally seen in a local circuit. These innovations include, but are not limited, to  bring Metal and Symphonic elements together. From its early starts, the band has included everything from a cello, to a whole variety of percussion sets to their live shows. Being the culprit, their song MEMORIES, the band’s second single out of their upcoming Ep: Silenced, which mix FireHaze’s aggressiveness with a very powerful, yet dark orchestration. The result was a song that is far from what local bands are doing currently in the Metal scene. On the other side, the first single, SILENCED is a very straight forward Metal song, which is focused in aggressive riffs and a speed that keep the listener on his toes throughout it’s length. All this beforementioned innovation, has made it possible for the band to open for such acts as: Moonspell, Atrocity, Avatar, Leaves’ Eyes, Muscaria among others. And play in such renown venues such as The Gramercy Theatre, The Webster Hall and Dingbatz.


In the visual and marketing field, FireHaze has always been characterized by it’s top quality material, either being any promotional material, their music or music videos. Having achieved surprising attention for an uprising band, FireHaze’s first official music video, ENEMY, was their first self produced video.
A second music video for the single SILENCED, will see daylight in 2014. Just as the first one, this video will be, once more, produced by the band in its entirety. Following the band’s already well established tradition of doing it all by themselves, they are also taking care of the official website. At, the band has it’s portal to the world, which will be revamped and launch in mid 2014. This press kit also belong to the numerous creations the band has self produced.


The band’s influences are very well established, since it’s integrants have always known what niche they want to carve in since the very beginning. FireHaze consider themselves as a mainly Groove Metal band, always letting in Thrash Metal to top it all. The bands that have most influenced FireHaze are Pantera, Sepultura, Lamb of God and Killswitch Engaged. All these being said, FireHaze consider it self, above it all, a pure American Metal band, appealing to anyone who has a taste for fast, groovy and powerful music.


Ultimately, FireHaze ambitions have always been to reach the top, and although they know that being signed to a major record label does not guarantee anything, they are more than convinced that to achieve full stardom, they need a little push. Consequently, they intend not to let any opportunity pass by without trying as hard as they can to leave a huge footprint in the Heavy Metal World.

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  • Jose Manguin (Sirius Radio's Headbangers Ball and Liquid Metal shows)

    ‘Nice job @firehazeband killer performance @DingbatzNJ 1st time I saw something like this here!” 

  • Horns Up Rock (Prestigious New York based Blog dedicated to Rock & Metal Music)

    “Nowadays Heavy Music needs a band that offers a lethal mix of hard hitting rhythmical grooves, crushing riffs, and a whole lotta soul within the lyrics. In our humble opinion, Cuba’s FIREHAZE is one of the only upcoming bands in the world that is offering a very fresh mix of all the elements mentioned above.”

  • Chris Tomato Harfenist (Sound Of Urchin, Louder Education, THOR)

    “The best part of listening to FireHaze’s brand of Metal is that the music is infused with an energy and passion that comes from a band who came from a place that wouldn’t allow them to rock freely. They can’t help but bring a serious and intense vibe of struggle and determination in their music, especially in their somber new single “Memories”, which communicates what true Metal is about!” 

Our Videos

FireHaze, through it's drummer Hector F Haze, is self sufficient when it comes to media and marketing. Always with minimum resources, the band has managed to create quite astonishing products and videos. In this section, the band showcase that DIY mentality, although in the future, big productions and grown budgets are in Hector's vision, because although not imprescindible, resources add to the final product and the production value without a doubt, reason why FireHaze's will to always step the game up all the time.

Upcoming Shows + Twitter

  • FireHaze Opening for Moonspeel | The Gramercy Theatre, NYC. February 17th, 2014

  • FireHaze Opening for Avatar | Webster Hall The Studio, NYC. January 30, 2013

  • FireHaze Opening for Muscaria | The Blackthorn 51, Queens, NY. August 23rd 2013

  • Firehaze Show for WSOU 89.5 FM Pirate Radio | Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ. March 5th, 2012

Our Posters

Created by the band's drummer, FireHaze has established a steady image of themselves, making it easy for their followers to identify the band not only through their posters, but also through their two logos: the compact version (the stylized F and H) or the extended version (the full name, where the F and the H have the same style as the compact version).


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